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“Love is a letter on pink stationery.”

          —Charles M. Schulz

I just LOVE that quote! Hi my name is  Cara Gaviorno. I grew up in Pittsfield, MA in the center of the Berkshires. It’s a beautiful area with it’s mountainous views and scenic lakes, artistically it was a source of inspiration for me.  I love my home town and all the wonderful memories of family and special friends. For the past 14 years, I've made  South Hadley, MA my home and I love it here just as much.  I’m making memories here with my daughter Ava and new friends.

My love for art started with a 1st grade art class assignment: to pick out a plastic flower from a table of many and paint it with watercolor paint. I was drawn to the daffodil. Immediately, I loved the movement of the paint and how easily I could create a beautiful flower with the watercolor. The little painting of the daffodil was hung up in the hallway of Dawes Elementary and it caught the eye of the school Principal. She came to my classroom one day, asked the teacher for me to come with her.  Quietly, I followed her down the hallway to where the daffodil hung on the wall, she pointed to my painting and said, “Did you paint this daffodil?”  I nodded, and she said, “It’s the prettiest painting I’ve ever seen.” Since that day, yellow is my favorite color, the daffodil is my favorite flower and watercolor is my favorite medium to make art with.  Her kindness taught me a valuable lesson, if you have something nice to say to someone…say it, it might make their day and Ms. Rapinski certainly had made my day.

I enjoy being artistic in everything I do, whether it’s painting with watercolors, decorating my house, throwing a party or just giving a gift. I’m at my best when I’m able to be creative.

I've taken a variety of art classes, all being great learning experiences, but practicing and honing my craft on my own has been most beneficial. My new interest is graphic design and working with Adobe Illustrator, photoshop and InDesign to help me create and design beautiful stationery with my hand painted designs. Currently, I’m enrolled in the Graphic Design Certificate Program at Holyoke Community College.  I’m following my life long dream of designing beautiful custom stationery and wedding invitations for brides, giving them the opportunity to set the stage for their dream wedding and giving their guests a glimpse of what to expect on the  big day!

Please don’t hesitate at all if you have any questions! Call, text or email! I look forward to hearing from you! 

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